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Dr. Tran Tu Huynh, President

Vision Beyond™
The Future of Telecollaboration for Healthcare

Optimizing care delivery, empowering healthcare workers on the frontline

OpticSurg’s augmented reality tools enable live telecollaboration between healthcare workers and remote providers in a variety of healthcare settings: hospital, ICU, ER, home health, rural health, nursing homes, senior living, surgery centers, and urgent care.

Our platform enables frontline healthcare professionals working at the bedside to collaborate in real-time with their remote colleagues, providers, and experts to extend support, maximize efficiency, and multiply resources.

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Expanding Care Capacity

Vision Beyond brings remote medical experts in front of patients on demand to deliver the best clinical decisions at bedside.

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Extending Provider Reach

Vision Beyond multiplies bedside and point-of-care resources for every patient.

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Improving the Healthcare Workflow

Our hands-free augmented reality glasses-enabled secure platform allows for continuous patient care and collaboration.

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Our Mission

We are passionate about enhancing the future of work in healthcare to optimize patient care delivery and access by empowering frontline healthcare professionals.

Living through the pain points. Understanding what's at risk.

Starting 6 years ago, the OpticSurg team came together with our various expertise in healthcare, engineering, innovation, industry, healthcare administration, and regulation with a mission of improving patient lives by focusing on the problems we know hinder delivery of patient care. Our approach is to leverage augmented reality and artificial intelligence to improve workflow and collaboration for those who care for patients.

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Hospitals, Medical
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Centers, Elder Care, Home Care, Surgery Centers & Medical Device Companies

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Dr. Tran Tu Huynh, President