Vision Beyond™
The Future of Telecollaboration

Optimizing Telecollaboration to save lives, money, and time.

Vision Beyond™ is a patent-pending proprietary software platform created by the experienced and diverse team at OpticSurg Inc. It is hardware flexible and can be used with vetted off the shelf augmented reality glasses.  

The Vision Beyond™ solution is a HIPAA compliant telecollaboration tool for healthcare providers that can expand care capacity and extend provider reach. Vision Beyond™ calls include live voice, video, and annotations.  

For frontline healthcare workers, It is enabled by augmented reality glasses to deliver a real-time video-conferencing solution, hands free. For remote users, through broadband/wifi connected standard smart phones, computers, and/or tablets, they can see in real-time exactly what an on-site user is looking at from a first-person view. The remote users can then Telecollaborate through voice and annotation to the on-site user through the live video stream.

Vision Beyond™ is versatile and is designed for use by healthcare professionals in various healthcare environments to give providers a better way to communicate. The mobile solution allows for communication beyond the usual phone call, messaging, still photos, and bulky cumbersome telehealth set ups. Vision Beyond™ remote capabilities enable providers to maintain physical distance while providing live collaboration. It is designed to be simple, intuitive, and effectively used in the wide spectrum of healthcare settings.

- Digital Health & Clinical Applications

Through the eyes of bedside staff, remote medical experts can view, communicate, and interact live with the bedside team to support them anywhere, anytime. Our Secure platform can help transport remote providers to be present (virtually) for patient rounding, consults, and follow up. Essentially, help facilitate Telecollaboration and support without increasing exposure or delay.

Through the eyes of bedside personnel/Faculty, remote medical learners/instructors can view, communicate, interact, and potentially experience patient care delivery in real-time comparable to physical presence, but in a safe site.

& Training

Medical Device and
Service Companies

Truly interactive shared experiences among users to facilitate meaningful support, discussions, and learning. The platform allows Device Reps and engineering teams to provide support remotely. Enhanced remote sales training and support. Versatile and realistic product demonstrations without having to transport expensive and bulky equipment.

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